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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall/Winter Haul

Hii everyone,

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot this week.. I was really busy with school and some things I was not very happy about. But I went shopping today, because I needed a new winter coat. And well, when I'm going for actually one thing I end up with like 5/6 things gheghe. But I did find a winter coat! When we were leaving the last store I saw one that I really liked. And it was the last one in my size, so I was really happy! But enough talking I will show you my things [:


So I went to the H&M and my mom said, look if you can find a new pair of pants. Because I don't have that many. So I first found the army coloured one. And I was looking for a pants like that for sooo long! It was €40 and then my mom said you still need another normal pair. So I grabbed the top one. I really like it! It was also €40.  


I don't really know what this kind of shirt is called.. But it has like thight sleeves and then it's pretty wide. It does look really weird on the photo, but when I'm doing another OOTW it will look normal. It was €30 from Bershka, pretty expensive but it's really soft and comfy!

Winter coat

So I saw this at H&M, it's a dark green winter coat. With a really soft fur inside. It is really warm (duhh). It looks really big, but it's actually really good fitting. It's not really long only on the but. It was €50, which I thought was pretty cheap for such a nice coat. 


 I really needed a new scarf and a pair of gloves. I thought the gloves were really adorable! With those balls. And the scarf was really soft and I like how the print is made. They were both form the H&M and the scarf was €13 and the gloves were like €7 or something like that.

So I really hope you liked this haul, I'm really sorry that I didn't post a OOTW, but I just really didn't had the time.. I'll have to plan my school work better but I'm not so good at that, unfortunately. But thanks for reading and I'll post more soon, xoxo Lou!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ombre Nail Tutorial

Hii everyone,

So I wanted to do a nail tutorial, and I was searching for something cool but I couldn't find anything.. Then I saw a youtube video about doing your nails with an ombre effect, so I wanted to try that! And here is how I did it. Enjoy!

Step 1

 So first get everything that you will need, I used a sponge method with just a random sponge I found in my garage, you need to adjust the sponge to the size of your nails.

- Nail polish remover
- A few swabs
- A piece of sponge
- Nail creme (not essential)
- A tool to make your nails prettier (don't know the name in english)
- A base coat & top coat
- 3 different nail polishes

Step 2

I don't have really pretty nails, but I'm working on it. So i put this creme on my nails so I can also use that tool better. (not essential)

Step 3

This step is also not essential, but if you don't have very long nails, you can push your cuticles back. And you can remove some skin there..

Step 4

This picture looks a bit weird.. But step 4 is just a base coat, this one is from Anny and I really like it.

Step 5

So this is the fun part, you take your sponge and your 3 coulours, and you just paint 3 lines in the way you want. This doesn't have to be lines, you can be as creative as you want! I picked like a light blue, a blue and a darkblue/green with sparkles. And I thought that would give a cool effect.

Step 6

Now you just put the sponge on your nail and move a bit so the nail polish can come of really good. It gets a little messy but we'll clean that when were almost done. You can do one hand with the sponge if you paint it pretty thick.

Step 7

When that is dry, you just put a topcoat on. I'm using a high shine or something from Anny. It's really nice and dries really fast!

Step 8

When everything is really dry, you take some swabs and nail polish remover and you just get rid of all the nail polish that's on your fingers.

Step 9

 So I put a bit more of the creme on my nails to soften them, and this is the final step. I think they turned out pretty cool, not perfect but this was the first time.. I made my sponge surface on the left hand a little bit smaller, but I don't know if you can see a difference. My hands do look really weird on these pictures, like I've got some kind of dirt on my hands..

So this was my first nail tutorial, I hope you liked it. If you did please comment and say you liked it so I know I can make more [: I hope that this gives you some ideas or something.. Thanks for reading, xoxo Lou!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Wishlist

Hii everyone,

So I was thinking of what I could post, and my mom said make a list of what you want this fall. So I'm doing that [: Here is the picture of the things I want..

- Winter coat : Zara
- Jumper : H&M
- Camera, Samsung
- Ugg boots : don't know where I'll buy those
- Macbook pro
- The key, Justin Bieber

So this is my wishlist, I know it's a bit expensive. But I know I'll get the winter coat, the jumper and the uggs from my parents. But I want to buy a camera, for better pictures and for filming. When I start a youtube channel. I really want a new laptop, and I really like a macbook pro but I'll have to buy that myself. And I'll probably ask the Key for christmas [: It's not like that jumper is the only piece of clothing that I want, but I just picked that one randomly.. If I go wintershopping or something like that I will do a new haul [: So I hope you liked it, and thanks for reading! xoxo Lou.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Tag

Hii everyone,

So I've been tagged by my lovely friend ForeverAmber to do the Autumn Tag [:

This is my first Tag so I hope you like it! Lets begin.

Favourite thing about it?
 I love how the leaves change colour, and the smell in the forest. I enjoy fall because I can wear jumpers again and the sound of the rain when I'm going to sleep.

Favourite drink?
I drink tea like almost every day or twice a day. With a bit of honey & sugar.

Favourite scent/candle?
I don't really light them myself, but my mom sometimes has a vanilla candle and I really like that smell in the living room.

Best lipstick?
I sometimes wear a bit of red on my lips, just a not expensive one from essence.

Go to moisturizer?
A vanilla & apple body lotion from H&M, it's really lovely and smooth as butter.

Go to colours for the eyes?
I don't really wear eyeshadow, but I just wear mascara and sometimes eyeliner.

Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?
I really like Wrecking Ball and Roar, but I also really like music with only the piano like River flows in you.

Favourite outfit to wear? (i.e. boots and scarf combo)
A pair of jeans, a comfy jumper, my combat boots and a big warm scarf.

Autumn treat?
Every night after I clean my face, I put some rose water on my face, and it just makes your face so soft!

Favourite place to be?
In my bed, with a glass of tea, the rain ticking on my window and writing things on my blog [:

So this was it! I hope you liked it, I don't really know any good bloggers yet, except my friend but she already got tagged. If I do know anyone I will tag them. Thanks for reading!

I got a new follower yay, so I'm tagging
- a Touch of Beauty

xoxo Lou.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Hii everyone,

So I'm going to do this every week, I'll show all the outfits I wore to school [:
Sorry I'm not really thin or anything :$ I find myself pretty fat but lets begin!


-  Jumper : H&M
- Pants : the Sting
- Shoes : Invito
- Necklace : Bershka


- Jumper : H&M
- Pants : H&M
- Shoes : Invito


- Jumper : H&M
- Pants : Zara

- Shoes : Allstars


- Shirt : Bershka
- Pants : H&M
- Shoes : Invito


- Jumper : Zara
- Pants : the Sting
- Shoes : Invito

So that's it I hope you liked it, and got to know my style a bit [: My lovely sis made these pictures, big thanks to her. Comment and say which one you liked the most! Thanks for reading and looking, see you later xoxo Lou!

Just thinking...

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hii everyone,

So I'm have been making a few outfits on polyvore. And my friend ForeverAmber did the same thing, not that I'm trying to copy or something like that. I see myself as a hipster and with a little bit of a floral and cute style. So yeah here they are..
So I made this as a last reminder of summer, but it's a mix of hipster and cute [:

I made this casual school day outfit, something that I could wear.

So I wanted to do a cute thing, and I thought of prom. Just really simple but adorable!

So that were my creations, I hope you enjoined. See you later xoxo Lou!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Talking a bit..

Hii everyone,

I don't have anything really fashion or beauty related to post right now, but something pretty bad happened. Well it's very painful for me, I think I just lost my best friend in a fight.. And I'm feeling really bad about it so I'm not really happy at the moment. I did wanted to change my life and the way I think with this blog. So I'm gonna do that! I get hurt like really fast and can cry every day and night about it. But I don't want to be that kind of girl anymore. So if something ever happens I can just blog about it [: and that just makes me feel a bit better. And releaved. Especially this subject is very hard for me, cause I had some hard times in my life. And losing my first best friend was the main thing. And now it happened again, but now it's different because I'm changing. I'm more mature now and I don't want to be unhappy and I realised that friends just come and go and I need to live with that.. It's just the way things go. So if you have like the same problems, just be happy and realise that you're here for a reason and that 1 person can't ruin your life! Be strong, Be happy, Be proud.

Thanks for reading, xoxo Lou!